Good day. My name's Ami, or pocket(s)link, as I am known. I'm 21, use ey/em/eir pronouns, and I'm an N3 level Japanese-to-English translator. I've been learning Japanese at my own pace for most of my teenage years. I'm working towards a college degree, but more specifically I'm in school for an English degree at the moment.

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- You may not repost my translations without my permission, sharing links to my original post is accepted.
- You may not remove the reference link to my translations on other sites/fandom wikias.
- You may not directly translate my work into another language, with or without permission.
- You may not edit or delete my work if you deem it to be incomplete or have a problem with my translation. My DM's are open. Talk to me directly.



For business purposes only, my e-mail is [email protected].
Otherwise, find me at any of the following addresses.

I am a university student and I'm sure you know as well as I do that it's hard to live on campus without a stable income, with classes on top of it. As such, I would prefer not offering my work for free if at all possible. I only make exceptions for current friends.Let's talk about terms of service.


The work that goes into translating something is thorough. Japanese is a very contextual language, so if I come across something I'm unfamiliar with (which is prone to happen), translating accurately often takes exhaustive research. For this reason I may ask you specific things about what you've handed to me to translate, like relevant plot points, character traits, relationships, and the like. It is easier for me to translate from things I am already familiar with, which you can read a list of here. This work is necessary to provide you with a translation that is accurate and worth your money and my time.Translation is a creative process, so please be respectful and treat my work (especially those longer in word count) like you would a piece of art or writing you would commission. The point of translation is accessibility, so I am completely okay with you sharing my translations, just please make sure to credit me wherever possible.If you've understood and accepted this, let's get onto the meat. Pricing.


Depending on length, the cost of a single character bio or a few lines of flavor text (say for instance, something like this) can cost anywhere from 5-10$ USD. Pretty straightforward.


This one's a little more complicated. Songs are what I'm most versed in translating, with the specific type of prose they often incorporate in lyrics. The songs do not necessarily have to be from something I'm already familiar with, as music is generally standalone, but any context that can be given, be it connection to a franchise or a continuation from a previous work, is appreciated nonetheless. A song of ~3-5 minute length or about that weight in lyrics will cost you 20$ USD. The prices get lower when the song gets shorter, so something that is only about a minute and a half would only cost 10$.


Something medium-length, like say... 1k-5k words, a few chapters of a manga, a fic published by a Japanese writer, a smaller installment of a light novel, anything like that can cost anywhere from 30-50$ USD. There's not much more I can say on this, not because I haven't translated stuff like this, but because I've only really ever done it for myself. You're still free to ask, provided it's in my sphere of interest. Hit me up maybe.


When it gets to this point I may genuinely question the validity of your request because, you are asking someone who doesn't yet have a degree in this language to translate something that's longer than 5k words. I legitimately can't think of a price tag for something this long. The only thing I can really say is that yes, I can and will do anything for money, and if you pay me good enough I'll translate anything you want no questions asked.

Please consider throwing money at me in the future, okay?


I've dedicated time to the lingo of these specific franchises.

- Azure Striker Gunvolt
- Puyo Puyo
- BanG Dream!
- Kamen Rider
- Revue Starlight


Properties I've actively read the original text and translations for or have worked closely in the translation process for content relating to them.

all of the above, and...
- Project Sekai
- Act! Addict! Actors! (A3!)
- Inazuma Eleven
- Kaitou Joker
- Future Card Buddyfight


The rest of my sphere of interest. I know the extensive lore of most of these properties. Currently I've never translated or been involved with translating for any of these, but I'm not opposed to the idea.

- Splatoon
- Yu-Gi-Oh
- Precure
- Duel Masters
- Any sort of Tokusatsu

If you see anything that's aimed at kids, it's probably safe to assume I'll be interested in it.


Founder of BOIL. Apprentice translator for Precise Museum. I specialize in media for children and needlessly haughty prose. Below is some of my work.

Saikyo Kamizmode!

Acting translator for this web anime about kids and Shinto gods playing competitive rhythm sumo. A fun, musical hobby anime with colorful characters.

Release Tag

Black Channel

Acting translator for Episode0 and hopefully proper YouTube episodes in the future. Paradise Lost but the original sin is making prank videos on YouTube.

Release Tag

Azure Striker Gunvolt Drama CD's

Lazy Kingdom - Eden's Party - Striker Pack CD

Read more?

All-encompassing tag of translations.
See also: #portfolio, my page on the Puyo Nexus wiki.



I won’t forget my distant dream; it’s a flame that won’t go out,
in this life of mine, held in the clutches of the devil that pulls my strings.
The sins I shoulder from that day, atoned for in this Bloody Rain;
I won’t turn back, even if I wallow in the shadow of a miracle for eternity.
I stood looking at a sleeping rose, frozen in time.
I only have one wish I want to come true:
“for you to smile like the sun once more…”
and I want to protect it…
until I steal everything away, and put an end to this long night…
Bloody Rain (Fuki)

Even so, something is beckoning for me, towards a place yet unknown
Living life knowing the world is mine to explore
And when tomorrow comes, I'll do this song and dance again
On and on forever, towards what excites me
In that case, I've just gotta dance, I've just gotta dance now (x2)
I really just wanna dance with you, that's all I want!
In that case, I've just gotta dance, I've just gotta dance now! (x2)
A life where my heart has no room to groove isn’t really “living” to me!
Yona Yona Dance (Wada Akiko)

I hear a voice singing, one of a saint’s, but is it my salvation, or is it my curse?
We wonder if a ghost, a ghost, really was there, unbeknownst to anyone.
I am beautiful, therefore, I am loved,
even as someone not a denizen of the living. We wonder if a ghost, a ghost, really was there, staying unbeknownst to anyone…
(You are a ghost, I am a ghost. Ghost, ghost, ghost.) The gods of the stage, are I and thee. As the shadow of the stage, thou art I.You are a Ghost, I am a Ghost ~Gekijou no Ghost~ (Revue Starlight)

They do exist! There’s plenty of neets and job-hoppers in this world who don’t have to work their asses off. Quitting is a talent all on its own, after all! I’m not who I was before getting hired. Business cards are like cursed artifacts, binding me to the ground with nowhere to go!!Some day or another, my shitty boss will kick the bucket. But when is “someday”?! I’m gonna lose my mind here!! Even the phrase “it’s for your own good” starts to turn foul. Reduced to a slave once again, I bear my burden aloneJiyuu made no Kyori (Harusaruhi)


I'm currently in school for a Liberal Arts degree with a focus in linguistics, have a background in AP English, and am known to be a stickler about grammar.

A short list of fansub/translation groups I'm affiliated with. I'm active duty on most of these (see also: Affiliations).

- Proofreader for Precise Museum
- QC for Novaworks on Mazica Party
- QC for Buddyfight Translations (affiliated with [BOIL])
- QC for Untitled Subs **(defunct)

I do a lot of in-house QC for a random assortment of projects that would be tedious to make a list of. Here are a few big ones.

- Inheritor of Penguins (Pyroxene Scans)
- Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary Patch (Precise Museum)
- Puyo Puyo Chronicle Patch (Precise Museum)



Able to do both images and videos. I use Medibang Paint Pro for image typesetting, and Aegisub ver. Barkhorn with a generous amount of plug-ins for video typesetting. Experimenting in Photoshop for the wordwrapping feature.Affiliated image editor and typesetter for Precise Museum. Previously a part-time typesetter affiliated with Untitled Subs (defunct).

Image Typesetting

Urban Legend Professor Uramon is the first time I'm fully typesetting a scanlation. It's a very useful learning experience!

Karaoke Styling

Static Signs

Motion Signs

If it wasn't already obvious, I can also do the basic task of putting subtitles on videos and timing. This is grunt work to me. Most of what I translate is also timed by me. Precise Museum's Audio Drama playlist is entirely my handiwork.

Cleaning & Redrawing

I use Medibang Paint Pro for art and image editing. I have access to Photoshop and CSP and am open to learning them, but MPP is what I'm most versed in and comfortable with. Original vs cleaned shown for comparison.

I also dabble in a bit of logo recreation.

In lieu of more examples I'm linking my art portfolio here as well.